RANDOM THOUGHTS: Cargo concerns


Ramesh Kumar, SAARC Centre for Transport Studies


Two dailies this morning presented a grim picture on the cargo front. The Hindu, quoting Indian Port Association Managing Director A Janardhana Rao, painted a 'don't-get-hassled-its-just-temporary-blip'. But the Business Standard story , quoting Motilal Oswal's monthly report on the Ports sector, said the scenario is bad and continue to worsen.


Certainly, container traffic is also hit. The ban on export of iron ore through Goa and Orissa ports seemed to have had a sharp fall as far as commodities is concertianed.


Cargo traffic during April-November this year is reported to have grown 1.3% to touch 370.76 million tonnes. Imported coal volume also dropped down owing to higher prices.

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