About Us

Central Government’s new economic policy during 1989-90, encouraged industry, trade and commerce to open up and expand far and wide across the country and not necessarily fixed at or around rail-heads. This, of necessity, influenced the road transport - already playing a very vital role in reaching the raw materials to production points besides carrying finished products as well as farm products to the consumer destinations.

The fast changing geo-political scenario began to brighten of more liberal international trade, more particularly with contiguous nations. Birth of association of countries in South Asia (SAARC) was truly promising. In all these countries, roads were the sole or major mode of surface transport. These too were at different stages of development.

Keeping in mind the inherent advantages of road transport, like providing door to door service in a quick and flexible manner it was obvious to gauge the role and importance this mode was destined to play, as the trade and commerce between and among the Saarc Countries developed.

By the end of last century road transport had sufficiently established it’s predominant position. A number of journals/magazines, both in English and vernaculars have come to exist but their focus generally is on reporting of events and developments taking place in this sector within India and even region specific.

Roads, admittedly, are considered as precursor of growth and development in socio, economic and other sectors. Related journalism too had a similar role. It was realized, both in creating wider awareness about the status of road transport in different countries and more than that about developing fraternal relationship among the providers of road transport services in the Saarc countries and through that helping prepone / advance the growth of cross-country movement of goods by road.

In this backdrop the idea and dream of Saarc Journal of Transport, as bi-lingual (English and Hindi)  monthly magazine, germinated in the mind of Chittranjan Dass, who had already edited Motor Transport monthly, the mouthpiece of AIMTC and was earlier co-promotor of a weekly journal Hind Times, established in December, 1959 and published from Delhi.

Chittranjan Dass is the Founder-Editor. His association with road transport sector is deep rooted: he has served in various capacities like as Secretary General of Common Carriers national organization AIMTC from 1977 to 1998, as member of numerous committees of the Government of India, including committee set up to substantively modified Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Member of Working Group for number of Five Year Plans, including the current XIth Plan and the forthcoming XIIth Five Year Plan. He represented International Road Union (IRU) in its conference in India, attended their Conference in Japan and was the resource Person during Conference of Asian. Productivity Council, (Japan) held at Bangkok.